Honk World

The most popular BCH token has been upgraded. The HONK token is now on SmartBCH. I HONK, you HONK, we all HONK

  • 1:1 supply of Legacy (SLP) Honk via Proof of Burn
  • 100B Supply. No more, no less.
  • Yield Farming, DEX, NFTs. Launch app 

Honk Token

There's only one HONK on SmartBCH.

Be careful, there's some real clowns out there!

Contract address: 0xF2d4D9c65C2d1080ac9e1895F6a32045741831Cd

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Honk World NFTs

Coming soon!


Honk DEX and Farming

The Honk World DEX releases, and with it farming! Clown around in our farms, a little honest work will earn you HONK yield!

NFT Drop and Marketplace

Our Honkos are ready to meet their owners, complete with their own marketplace on honk.cash.

NFT Staking

Put your Honkos to work via NFT staking, those clowns can do more than just be a pretty face!

NFT Gamification with Companions

Simple staking isn't enough for our clowns. Put them to the test in our upcoming game! Plus who else could be lurking around the corner?



How can I earn more HONK?

You can stake, farm and swap HONK on DeFi.Honk.cash


Where can I see the Proof of Burn?

We're glad you asked! See all the swaps and burns at Honk.cash/Burn

When do the NFTs drop, how many of them, will they be cool, will they have utility, will I be able to send to my grandma, can I see them, why are you making me wait?

More info soon, my young clown.