Honk World

The most popular BCH token has been upgraded. The HONK token is now on SmartBCH. I HONK, you HONK, we all HONK

  • 1:1 supply of Legacy (SLP) Honk via Proof of Burn
  • 100B Supply. No more, no less.
  • Yield Farming, DEX, NFTs, all coming soon

Honk Token

There's only one HONK on SmartBCH.

Be careful, there's some real clowns out there!

Contract address: 0xF2d4D9c65C2d1080ac9e1895F6a32045741831Cd

Total supply
Market cap
Ticker symbol

Honk World NFTs

Coming soon!


Stay tuned!



How do I convert my Legacy (SLP) to Smart HONK?

You can convert your SLP to SEP20 via the SpiceBot Telegram Bot


Where can I see the Proof of Burn?

We're glad you asked! See all the swaps and burns at Honk.Cash/Burn

When do the NFTs drop, how many of them, will they be cool, will they have utility, will I be able to send to my grandma, can I see them, why are you making me wait?

More info soon, my young clown.